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Introducing Cécile

November 1, 2017


FULL NAME: Cécile Leducq


AGE: 22

PROFESSION: Junior Project Coordinator


Guess what there was in 7-year-old Cécile’s wish list? A doll? A watch? A little plump dog? What kind of question is that? An electronic dictionary, of  course! What else would have allowed her to learn the super trash Inglisch her Barbie dolls used to speak?


Fascinated by foreign cultures since always, grown-up Cécile got her undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilisation, which prepared her to be the talented translator she is right now. During her university years, she moved to Palermo, where she had the chance to taste delicious Italian arancini – or arancine, as she prefers to call them. And guess what? Even after her Erasmus year in Sicily, she’s still in incredible shape. What a miracle!


In 2016, Cécile started a Master in Audiovisual Translation and Popular Culture at City University. Her gap year in Germany enabled her to add German language to her CV, alongside French, English, and Italian.


Many essays later, she started working here at GoLocalise as Junior Project Coordinator. Always willing to help others, she has now become a source of inspiration for us all.


Outside working hours, she enjoys travelling and baking.. She loves trying new recipes and get her hands dirty with flour.


Are you hungry? Contact her!  ;-)


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