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Introducing Lidia

December 6, 2017






Lidia’s adventure with languages started in high school, when she decided to go on a student exchange to Germany. She moved for a year to a lovely town in the south of Germany known as the birthplace of Albert Einstein and also known for the tallest church in the world – Ulm. She met exchange students from all around the world as well as many locals and became an expert in international relations.


After the final exams, in high school this girl from a village at the foot of Babia Gora Mountain moved to the capital of Poland to fulfil her dream of studying languages and exploring cultures – she has chosen Applied Linguistics (German and Italian) at the University of Warsaw.


And again, her passion for discovering new places was calling her. She applied for Erasmus Exchange Programme and was accepted to spend one semester in the beautiful city of Palermo, Italy. She literally felt in love with Sicily and its delicious cannoli, traditional ceramics, wild nature, funky lifestyle and everlasting mix of cultures.


After her graduation she decided to move again – this time to the European financial capital – London. So she had to find the job. She was looking for one connected with her passions – languages and audiovisual translation. That is how she became fully fledged Junior Project Coordinator at GoLocalise.


Lidia’s motto is “It always sounds impossible until it’s done”. So don’t hesitate to contact her with any unusual projects or translations of rare languages! She will be more than happy to accept the challenge! 

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