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If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably already noticed the hype surrounding David’s book and the astounding success he’s already achieved – bestseller in the Kindle charts for International Sales and Marketing, Translation & Interpretation and Small Business & Entrepreneurship!

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the commotion and are still wondering what Child-biting, Chorizo and Chancing Your Arm is all about – it’s David’s autobiographical journey from Spain, where he started out as an audiovisual translator and voice over talent, to moving to London where he eventually became our founder, CEO and the successful entrepreneur he is today, throwing in some valuable business lessons as well as interesting linguistic facts for good measure!

With the current political uncertainty on the future of the EU, David is a great example of someone who’s taken advantage of the open travel around the continent and translated each of those opportunities into success. Why not take a listen to his interview on the topic on Jazz FM earlier this week.

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this compelling and insightful read! Just £3.99 for Kindle, don’t let this one slip away.