Foreign Language Voice Over

If you have any experience in the translation business then you will fully appreciate how vital - yet how difficult - it is to ensure that a foreign language voice over is done absolutely perfectly. Any slight errors in pronunciation or grammar can potentially cause a major embarrassment to you and your client. If you are in need of an expert company to take care of some translation for you, then why not go to the best in the business. GoLocalise can organise foreign language voice over translation by the most committed professional Spanish translators, German translators, Japanese translators, Portuguese translators, and many more, with voice over artists and experienced translation project managers to suit your needs. They also have expert copywriters worldwide to provide a comprehensive localisation service covering a wide range of areas of foreign language voice over translation. They will ensure that the whole process is hassle free for you as they will project manage the entire process, from the translation of your script (if required) to the delivery of high quality audio files to your technical specification.

Recording Studio London

If you are interested in booking a recording studio in London, but have absolutely no idea where to start, then why not get some professional advice. There is one studio that is currently operating within the capital, which can help you no matter what you need. Their state-of-the-art facility is available at one of the most competitive rates within the city today, and they will also offer you full support for the entire duration of you stay in their recording studio in central London. GoLocalise works with talents from all over the word, that own a home studio or access to an established studio via ISDN. GoLocalise guarantees to give you professional, broadcast quality audio from their sound recording studio in central London, in incredible turnaround times - 24 hours in most cases. They can also provide you with voice over artists for your project, and will organize everything to ensure that your recording experience is as hassle free as possible. So if any of this meets your needs then why not get in touch with GoLocalise today.

ISDN studio for your voice over recordings

GoLocalise thinks globally and this is why we have equipped our two state-of-the-art studios in central London with ISDN. We want our clients to be able to monitor the recording sessions and give their suggestions directly to the voice over artist in the booth. ISDN also allows us to transmit a live feed of our recordings in high fidelity, enabling us to share our excellent work with clients remotely while the recording is happening. ISDN-powered studios have the capability to connect with remote users across the globe. ISDN is an acronym for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a service provided by most telecoms operators that allows users to transmit vast amounts of data faster than regular transmissions via a standard telephone line. ISDN is the equivalent of a digital telephone line. The ISDN system consists of two channels: D-Channels (used for signalling and call setup) and B-Channels (data channels). Each B-channel can be used independently as a separate data channel (or telephone line), so you can have two separate connections (or calls) in progress at the same time. This allows GoLocalise to transmit larger amounts of data than through a standard telephone set-up. A single B-channel can carry 64kb of data per second - twice as much as an analogue phone line. ISDN systems have a higher bandwidth, so data can be sent faster. Due to the fact that ISDN lines are digital and that the information can be compressed by a codec, the quality of the call is also substantially better than through a standard telephone line. ISDN lines can be used for ordinary telephone calls, but the audio will still sound like a normal telephone call unless a coding process is used, and this is where the codec comes in when thinking about an ISDN powered studio. The codec's function is to compress and un-compress (or COde and DECode) the 1.4 bits of data needed to transmit high fidelity audio into the 128 kbits of space available over the ISDN line, thus generating a considerable improvement in the quality of the decodified information received at the other end of the line.

Create your voice over demo reel

If you need a voice demo GoLocalise is your perfect ally. You can rent our recording studios in central London to create your demo voice sample and start your career as a professional voice over talent. Our two state-of-the-art recording studios in central London are affordable and accessible to everyone. You can rent our recording studios in central London - our in-house sound engineers are experts in a great variety of recordings, i.e. lip synch, ADR, dubbing, animation, etc. Our friendly and smiley project managers will organise the whole process for you. GoLocalise invites you to make your own personal voice demo reel in their recording studio for rent in central London.

Dubbing, animation and lip sync services

Dubbing is the process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture, animation or television clip with the aim of substituting the original audio that was captured while shooting with the corresponding translation in a different language. Together with lip sync, dubbing is the most common process required to complete an audiovisual project. Production companies often need to dub actors' voices in order to correct mistakes or to avoid background noise, but dubbing is mostly used to translate an audiovisual product from one language into another. Lip sync (lip synchronisation) is the dubbing technique used in close-ups and extreme close-ups - scenes in which the lips of on-screen actors are clearly visible and the translated text needs to be adapted to the movement of the lips. GoLocalise, apart from being a dedicated and experienced translation company, also provides full solutions for your audio needs whenever dubbing for film, animations or lip sync are required. In our state-of-the-art recording studio, we produce a wide range of work that goes beyond the "typical" dubbing and lip sync services. Working with an experienced team of in-house sound engineers, GoLocalise is able to offer solutions for other services related to dubbing, animation and lip sync such as audio FX sync, phrase sync, broadcast audio arrangement, sound FX generation by our foley artist, voice mixing, foley sound mixing, and dialogue cleaning and restoration. GoLocalise offers a centralised solution for all your multimedia projects: dubbing, animation or lip sync. Our clients can rest assured that we will offer the best quality and will meet their budget.

Voice over casting - find your voice talent

Finding the right voice over talent for your voice overs is easy! GoLocalise specialises in voice over casting for online courses, promo, documentaries, games, video games, animation, cartoon, corporate videos, sales videos, TV and radio commercials, sports broadcasts, telephony (IVR/on hold messages, location sound), conferences/shows, PowerPoint presentations, dubbing for films and animation. All our voice over talents are experienced and native. We provide free voice over casting services to our clients. GoLocalise voice over casting is a full service casting talent agency. Click on our voices page to listen to voice over talent demos, you will be able to choose your voice over talent immediately - there are hundreds of voice demos to help you cast the right voice over talent in whatever language you may need. GoLocalise will help you find that special voice over talent for your project.

ADR voice over services

Have you ever wondered how movies make the dialogues you hear on screen so neat and clear? They use a trick called ADR. ADR has many names: some use the acronym ADR that stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording, while some just use the terms "dubbing" or "looping". Here at GoLocalise we regularly take on ADR jobs and help our clients and producers by replacing noisy audio from the day of the shoot, or for situations where recording dialogue was simply not practical or where the results were not satisfactory. We have worked on ADR projects for Hollywood blockbusters, independent movies, cartoons, video games and short films for many different clients, always meeting their budgets. Our two state-of-the-art recording studios in central London are equipped with an ISDN connection so that your ADR recording sessions can be monitored and directed from anywhere in the world.

Audiobook recording services

Audiobooks, audio guides and audible spoken word are terms used to describe one simple but powerful idea: books and guides for the ears. With the development of digital media, new art forms, industries and business possibilities emerged. Audiobooks are one of the most interesting and fast-growing trends of the modern media market. In fact, by 2008, in the UK alone, the audiobook industry reached a total value of £80M, catching the attention of many publishers that turned to audiobooks, audio guides and audible spoken word as a new form to promote new titles. At GoLocalise, as we are all language experts, we love working with everything that involves the spoken word. Driven by this passion, we created GoLocalise audiobook, audio guide and audible spoken word services. Our audiobooks are done with the same attention to detail and professionalism as all our other services, and because we have our own team of transcribers, translators, sound engineers and two state-of-the-art studios, we produce all our audiobooks in-house without outsourcing anything.

The best voice over for your TV commercial

What does your product need to generate sales? Advertising and credibility, of course. Nowadays, TV commercials are the most effective form of advertising, but not all TV adverts are successful in the same way. In order to create the perfect TV commercial you need a team that knows what it is doing and GoLocalise is the perfect team. In its two modern, well-equipped studios in central London, GoLocalise can arrange the voice over production of your TV commercial in an easy and affordable way. In its wide portfolio of voice over talents, GoLocalise has the perfect voice over artist for your TV commercial and knows how to make your TV commercial unique and exclusive. Our experienced producers, directors and copywriters will be able to make the most of your preliminary ideas for your TV advert and turn them into a valuable and persuasive TV commercial. Contact GoLocalise for the production of your TV commercial voice over recording and rest assured your product will sell out.

E-learning translation, localisation and voice over services

GoLocalise provides your company with e-learning translation, localisation and voice over services, leaving you with a ready-to-host product. The steps and services involved with any end-to-end e-learning project are: the translation of the course and onscreen text using experts; the localisation of the course graphics using DTP specialists; the voice over recording of the course using your preferred voice over talents; and the quality control/assurance stage where the localised course files are reviewed against the original files. Your company is now able to upload the localised e-learning course and can start training their international team.

The best voice over for your radio commercial

What does your product need to generate sales? Advertising and credibility, of course. Nowadays, radio commercials are one of the most effective forms of advertising, but not all radio commercials are successful in the same way. In order to create a successful radio commercial you need a professional team, and this is where GoLocalise comes in. In its two fully-equipped studios in central London, GoLocalise arranges the voice over production of your radio commercial in an easy and affordable way. In its wide portfolio of voice over talents, GoLocalise has the perfect voice over artist for your radio commercial and knows how to make your radio commercial unique and exclusive. Our experienced producers, directors and copywriters will be able to make the most of your preliminary ideas for your radio advert and turn them into a valuable and persuasive radio commercial. Contact GoLocalise for the production of your radio commercial voice over recording and rest assured that your product will sell out.

IVR recording

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a useful tool for managing phone traffic. IVR or on-hold messaging enables you to direct phone traffic according to customer needs. Dubbing your IVR or on-hold messaging is very important for your company, especially when you are trying to expand to new countries and territories. It has been proved that most customers will not listen to your IVR or on-hold messaging unless it is in their mother tongue. Dubbing your IVR or on hold messaging is therefore paramount when looking for new and foreign customers. At GoLocalise we offer the best audio quality IVR or on-hold messages. In our wide portfolio of voices we will certainly have the right voice over artist for the recording of your IVR or on-hold messages. Our experienced voice over artists will give your IVR or on-hold messages the right tone, pace and intonation. Recording your IVR or on-hold messages with GoLocalise will boost your sales. If you record your IVR or on-hold messages with GoLocalise, in their two-state-of-the-art studios, your customers will not hang up anymore, but will be pleased to listen to your IVR or on-hold messages.

Video game translation

If you are in the gaming industry then you fully understand the time and effort that goes into the creation and production of a brand new video game. As well as making the game look good, and play smoothly, it also has to sound absolutely perfect. You also need to have an expert linguist take care of your video game translation so that none of your games get lost in translation along the way. For all of your gaming translation only GoLocalise can give you a guaranteed top quality service time and time again. There are simple rules for ensuring that the translation is linguistically correct, that the game is translated for the target audience and market, and that your video game translation is word perfect from the very beginning. GoLocalise uses continuous quality control processes throughout the video game translation process to monitor quality and accuracy throughout every stage of a translation project, and through their processes of careful translator selection, editing and proofreading, they always deliver a consistently high quality translation.

Create the sound for your audiovisual products

When you need unique, creative, modern and client-tailored sound design services, GoLocalise is the answer. Unlike other production companies, GoLocalise has modern and modular recording studios that allows us to generate bespoke and a-la-mode audio editing, audio effect insertion, foley recording, sound effects creation, creative sound design, special effects and beautiful soundscapes. GoLocalise is involved in many projects requiring the creation of specific sound effects, creative sound design and special effects. After over a decade of experience we understand the importance of a solid sound base to support each visual work. At GoLocalise we are well aware that the combination of killer visual resources and a great sound design allow our minds to believe that the images we are seeing are real and credible. Sometimes, good sound design is worth a thousand words and at GoLocalise we know that. We are aware that it is in this relationship, between good sound design and good video, that the message lies. Only with the right balance between effective sound design and video materials will the audience properly understand the message and as a result be interested in it. A brilliant sound design or soundscape completes the work of the directors of photography, art and sfx, generating an atmosphere that seduces the audience immediately.

Jingles and bespoke music services

Jingles and bespoke music add soul to visuals designed to convey a message. In the case of a commercial or artistic project, jingles and bespoke music add a special character to the project, capturing the attention of the audience and triggering their imagination. At GoLocalise we offer jingle and bespoke music creation services for all types of projects. We create music for TV, radio imaging, musical images, advertising jingles, music for media, custom music, all with a bespoke and jingle-oriented approach in mind. We are very proud to be a multi-tasked production company that can supply solutions for all your audio needs. Tailor-made jingles and bespoke music will increase the effectiveness of your product when transmitting a message, especially a commercial one. Our team of in-house sound engineers generate sound solutions that are designed to fulfil your jingle and bespoke music needs. Our jingle and bespoke music services are carried out with passion, creativity and a desire to adapt to different styles and budgets.

We used GoLocalise to voice several of our films in Vietnamese. The service was friendly and professional. Being able to attend the recording sessions gave me confidence; the sound engineer had taken a lot of time to familiarise himself with our films and scripts, and the voice talents were incredibly competent and good at adapting to any changes in the scripts as we recorded. The whole process was incredibly smooth and I felt in safe hands.

Josie Gallo Content Co-ordinator at Medical Aid Films


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