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This week GoLocalise was blessed with 2 new employees for our company. They both started this week on Wednesday so they are completing their first week with us! Our new employees are Elisa and Sara and here at GoLocalise we’re super excited about their very successful start and we’re enjoying getting to know them a little bit better and teaching them about how exactly it is that we work.

So what do we know about them so far?

Sara – Hola!

Born in Spain and bilingual in Spanish and English from a young age she picked up English by spending most of her summers since she was 12 years old in England, Ireland and Canada! She also attended a language school when she turned 12, so we can more or less safely assume that Sara knew what she wanted from life from a very young age. In comparison, most people reach their full adult life and still wonder what they want to do.

Sara graduated from her Translation and Interpreting course at university in Spain and has since then been employed in the language industry.

We have seen that Sara is friendly, intelligent, switched on and getting on super well at the office so far and we hope this continues throughout her life at GoLocalise.

Elisa – Ciao!

Born in Guastalla, Italy, Elisa is Italian in the heart and blood. It is always good to get more of our European neighbours into our office. Elisa has recently graduated with a distinction grade only this September from her Masters in scientific technical and medical translation with translation technology.

Strangely enough, Elisa’s favourite is Thai food, which is currently competing with Italian food for first place in her favourite’s list.

Elisa enjoys swimming and she tries to fit this in with her busy schedule. She was previously working as a freelance translator, but wanted to explore a bit more of the translation process and industry. Elisa felt that working alone at home could get a bit lonely and she loved the idea of working in a great office with a great team.

The team have found Elisa to be very sociable and friendly in conversation. She is smart and it’s clear to see that she knows what she’s doing in the office.

To conclude, this is a message from GoLocalise to Sara and Elisa to let them know that we appreciate them joining our team and just being themselves. It’s just a bit unfortunate that neither of them can eat as many chocolate biscuits as Tizzy but this is a challenge that they have both already accepted.