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After a dinner fit for heroes and enough drinks to get our brains working at an optimum(-ish) level, team Dr. PDF (don’t ask…) were ready for the challenge ahead, displaying an impressive knowledge of chemistry, train stations, obscure world cup hosts and a slightly less impressive knowledge of a cow’s anatomy to seal third place after the first round and prove that they’re not just a bunch of pretty faces who like to dabble in a bit of voice over now and then.

The second round tested the team’s understanding of different forms of murder, a section they were worryingly successful in (and which they were absolutely robbed to only get one point for answering 12 questions to get Murdering Bob), baby animals, young celebs and mythical creatures. A nail-biting scoring session revealed a very respectable joint third place, showing that Europe truly is better together (although the Brits do all the work… )