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Gabri, as we like to call him, has always been interested in languages and started studying them very early. English, French, Spanish, Modern Greek, and more recently Portuguese and Polish, Gabri is a man of many talents.

In 2013, Gabri went to study Audiovisual Translation at City University London and grew fond of the wonderful world of subtitling, dubbing and voice over.

After a brief career in admin and accounts, he decided to switch gears and put all of his years of study to good use. But not before taking a 2-year sabbatical, which the lucky boy wisely used to travel the world. Four continents and many countries later, he settled down in Sydney, Australia for a year. This experience opened him to the world and made him grow emotionally and spiritually. As he likes to say: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” So wise!

So, where is Gabri going to find that special place to actually settle down? London, of course! Even though he left the City for three years, it still feels like home. Here, he can pursue his interests. Gabri is a man of many passions such as big cinema and the arts. He also enjoys food (who doesn’t though?), languages, design and architecture.

Gabriele just started working at GoLocalise as a Production Assistant. He enjoys working with like-minded and inspiring people who strive to achieve their goals and grow professionally and personally. The only thing that he misses from home is that he can’t go to the beach for a swim as much as he’d want to!

His favourite quote: “I sogni nel cassetto fanno la muffa.”

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