GoLocalise offers transcription services for audio and video files in over 80 languages as well as English. Our expert team of transcribers will create a text version of your video of audio file, and we can also translate and/or voice over your transcript.

There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file:

Verbatim transcriptions - record all interjections, signs of emotions (coughs, sighs, chuckles, etc.), false starts and shifts in thought processes.

Word-for-word transcription - like verbatim transcriptions, these transcriptions capture the text as it is spoken but eliminate all filler words.

General and grammatically correct transcriptions - in this type of transcription, filler words are eliminated, false starts and self-corrected words aren’t included, and grammar and mispronounced words are corrected.

We specialise in transcriptions that will be used as voice over scripts, (on-screen) captions and subtitles. Our experience in these fields has made us the top choice for clients all over the world who want to re-version their existing audiovisual content into several different language versions. Our expert in-house team is able to transcribe your audiovisual materials with full time-codes i.e hours, minutes, seconds and frames.

Transcriptions have many uses and purposes; script for a voice over session, as reference when editing a video, or a time-coded and condensed version of the transcription that can be used for subtitling purposes.

No matter if your content is in English or in any other language, we can help!