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Having an enormous multi-ethnic community means there are a spread of languages spoken everywhere in Brixton and all at the same time. It’s crazy to think so many people across the world could be gathered in one area simply by chance. This is the main reason GoLocalise prides itself having its HQ so close to this diverse area.

With the spread of different ethnicities in Brixton, GoLocalise have definitely adapted to its surroundings and we’ve learnt a lot about the different cultures and traditions. This means that we are able to distinguish and identify our markets on a deeper level. Growing accustomed to different cultures is not just about learning the different languages but also the traditions such as authentic tasty food which is something that GoLocalise has definitely grown to love!

Brixton is gradually shedding its bad reputation and the stigma associated with its infamous “South London gangs”, progressively leaving all of this behind despite being at a disadvantage to do so because of its large population of working-class citizens.

Brixton is now home to people from all types of backgrounds, whether you’re “Sir William the third” or Samuel from Peckham (Brixton’s old rival gang area). The main reason is because the movement of large retail shops into the area has attracted different audiences. Brixton is now the place where you can find what ever you’re looking for and this has drawn in the large amount of diverse human traffic that you will see on a day-to-day basis now.

So come and experience the diversity and mix of cultures for yourself.

One Love, Brixton.