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Chocolate eggs and Matzah brei

April 11, 2017


Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of their Messiah. After the 40 days of Lent, on Easter Sunday, a big celebration is held, where it is mostly tradition to eat chocolate eggs, and in some countries, to have an egg hunt.


Not all Christians celebrate Easter at the same time, however. Depending on whether we are talking about Eastern Orthodox or Western Christianity, Easter Sunday can fall on different days of the year. As it happens, this year both the Eastern Orthodox and Western Easters will fall on the same day, this upcoming Sunday the 16th.


Easter isn't the only celebration this time of the year, though. In fact, the Jewish community this week is celebrating Passover in name of the liberation of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Their celebration lasts seven days, during which there are a series of celebrations which end on the seventh day of Passover.


During Passover there are special prayers and festive meals, among which we can find lamb dishes as a symbol of God’s strength and traditional dishes like the ‘Matzah brei’, a matzo dish most often served with eggs and milk.


As in the UK it is bank holiday on Good Friday (14th April) and Easter Monday (17th April) we’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that we’ll be closed on those days, but we’ll be back to business as usual on Tuesday the 18th.

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